Panaway DS – the next evolution of the bedpan machine

Haigh Engineering is excited to share the success of the latest iteration of bedpan machine, Panaway DS, following its initial roll out across multiple healthcare facilities. The feedback received from both users and facilities managers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are pleased to see that the Panaway DS is delivering great value for money through improving sluice room up time and the niche but critical matter of ensuring patient waste disposal compliant.
Users consistently commented on the Panaway DS’s ease of use and dependability when it comes to disposing of medical pulp items and patient waste. With the intuitive interface and easy-to-follow instructions, sites can perform routine maintenance tasks in house, reducing the need for specialist technicians, allowing for more efficient, timely and cost-effective maintenance. Additionally, the backward compatibility of the machine has made the transition from older models seamless, with little or no need for costly sluice room re configuring and staff retraining.
Facilities managers have been particularly impressed with the Panaway DS’s focus on ensuring sluice room up-time. With simplified installation, maintenance costs and Haigh’s well known product reliability, the Panaway DS helps departments hit challenging SLAs that are critical to keeping the ever present infection risks associated with waste management under control. With the alternative being washing bedpans, pots and bottles with steam and hot water, high energy costs are meaning that the benefits of bedpan macerators have never been greater; Haigh’s online cost calculator has been an eye opener for many customers seeing just how many thousands of pounds a year they benefit from by using these types of machine instead, on top of the core infection prevention benefits.
Complementing Haigh’s “movables” approach to sluice room equipment, Panaway DS is proving to be the logical step forward for existing and new customers alike, meeting the demanding needs of everything from busy NHS acute wards to private elderly care sites where immobile, at risk residents require the highest standard of care. The team at Haigh Engineering is looking forward to continued developments in providing our clients with the best for the sluice room.
If you would like to find out Haigh’s Panaway DS can improve your site please contact the team on or call 01989 763131 – Option 2