Quattro, Solo & Inco: The reliable range of Pad and Medical Pulp disposers

Reliability is fundamental with a pulp macerator. All Haigh macerators are built to last, and with Quattro and Solo compatible with all brands of medical pulp, everything is aimed at helping you manage the infection risks associated with patient waste without compromise on the important operational factors, usability, footprint, energy efficiency and the wide range of other aspects that delivery you a market leading total cost of ownership.

The Incomaster, or “Inco” as our customers have come to call it, when coupled with a compliant drainage & effluent management system, gives a great alternative for sites with pad & incontinence product disposal requirements that can take the load off yellow bag collections in an environmentally responsible fashion as well. As waste from Inco sites is removed from the proximity of residents and carers, the odours associated with bins can be significantly reduced making for a much more pleasant environment.

Quattro Bedpan Disposer

Quattro is the latest in Haigh’s range of highly popular, award winning, efficient, fully featured bedpan macerators. Quattro brings the latest in ergonomics and performance to the Haigh range, and has plenty of options to suit your specific requirements.

Quickly and quietly disposing of up to four standard medical pulp items (for example bedpans, urine bottles, general purpose bowls) the Quattro disposer is the mainstay of hospitals across the United Kingdom. Either as retrofits or into new-build situations, hospitals around the world are seeing the benefits of disposing rather than traditional washing from a direct economics perspective as well as improved infection control and carer / patient “experience”. The Quattro provides the capacity and reliability required to deliver this improvement with minimal risk.

The machine itself is intuitive to operate and maintain, with the capability of automatic open & closing, automatic starting, configurable drainage cycles as well as an end-of-cycle chemical dosing system to further reduce infection control risks.

Quattro’s ergonomics are designed for ease of cleaning both inside and out, with Haigh’s proven lid sealing technology and pressure management processes keep aerosols contained from start to finish. 

Overall, Quattro is the result of tens of millions of run-cycles of Haigh units and decades of valuable customer feedback resulting in this hassle free workhorse of a disposal system for your sluiceroom. 

Haigh Quattro bedpan disposer with automatic opening / closing pedal and overflow kit

Solo Bedpan Disposer

Solo takes medical pulp disposal out of the sluice-room: small, safe and quiet to give greater convenience and effectiveness for carers, minimising disruption to patients.

With the smallest footprint of any bedpan macerator available, Solo can fit in the most convenient locations at your site. With the use of single use medical pulp items proven to significantly lower the risk of infections in a healthcare environment, the Haigh team have been at the forefront of ensuring that hospitals both in the UK and increasingly around the world can consistently and cost effectively dispose of this waste stream.

Solo disposes of a pulp product in under a minute, using 35% less water than other macerators and significantly less energy and water than washing systems; secure operation options also enables the disposal machine to be positioned in areas that may be accessible to patients such as en-suite rooms or other areas outside of the traditional sluice room.

Haigh Solo – single item pulp product disposer

Incomaster Pad Disposer

The Incomaster macerator is a cost saving alternative to yellow bag collections, disintegrating pads and nappies to a fine slurry with auto start technology. It is low maintenance and easy to install, with the load disposed in under 2 minutes. The Incomaster is the only macerator that can deal with all types of pads.

Converts polyethylene, non woven products and waste into fine slurry allowing for standard disposal through the drainage system. No waste collection minimizes opportunities for cross contamination and bad odours to develop.

Delivering real and measurable benefits to both you and those in your care, our highly efficient and user friendly Incomaster™ delivers outstanding performance for the simple and hygienic disposal of disposable incontinence products.

Designed for simplicity, it is easy to install, low maintenance and fast. The Incomaster™ can process four small pads or two large briefs in less than two minutes.

The Incomaster™ delivers real and measurable benefits to both you and those in your care.

Incomaster: Fast, efficient disposal of incontinence briefs, pads & disposable underpads
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