Haigh’s Quattro range of sluice room machines is changing to Panaway

Haigh Engineering has recently announced a rebranding of their Quattro range of sluice room machine to Panaway, alongside the introduction of the Panaway DS model. The Quattro bedpan and urine bottle disposal system is widely used in the healthcare industry to address the niche but critical of dealing with waste from immobile, at risk patients. The rebranding of the range to Panaway reflects a logical update of the product name and the company is taking the opportunity to add some subtle improvements to the product itself, remaining the trusted workhorse of sluice rooms around the world.

The new name for the range, Panaway, is more self-explanatory for those who are new to the disposable medical pulp system. This update will make it easier for customers to understand the purpose of the product and its features. Despite the name change, customers can expect the same high-quality performance and reliable operation that they have come to expect from Haigh Engineering.

The transition to the new product name will be seamless, and customers can continue to order the product under the new name of Panaway with the same specifications and functionalities as the previous Quattro model, or alternatively continue in the short term to ask for Quattro. We are confident that this update will benefit our customers and enhance the user experience of the product.

Haigh Engineering’s decision to rebrand their Quattro product to Panaway is a strategic move that reflects their commitment to providing innovative and effective bedpan disposal solutions to their customers in the healthcare industry. The Quattro bedpan disposal machine has been a reliable and trusted product for many years, but the name may not have been immediately clear to those unfamiliar with the product. The new name, Panaway, is more descriptive and easier to understand, which will make it more accessible to a wider range of customers.


The change in product name will not affect the functionality, features or quality of the product, which remains entirely backward compatible, with some neat additions to make maintenance processes even simpler than on previous models. The product’s high level specifications and benefits remain unchanged, and customers can expect the same level of performance and reliability that they have come to rely on.

Haigh Engineering has a reputation for developing innovative bedpan disposal solutions that are designed to meet the evolving needs of healthcare facilities. The new name for their bedpan disposal machine reflects their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation while remaining rooted in the core functionality and basic requirements of customers. With a more descriptive and self-explanatory name, Haigh Engineering is making their product more accessible to a wider range of customers, which will ultimately lead to greater market share and growth for the company and will further support international growth.

The rebranding of the Quattro to Panaway is a positive move that benefits both Haigh Engineering and their customers in the healthcare industry. The name change is a logical update that makes the product more accessible to a wider range of customers while maintaining the same high standards of quality and performance that Haigh Engineering is known for.

Haigh Engineering is committed to supporting its customers, and this includes ensuring that spare parts are readily available to maintain and repair their bedpan disposal machines, regardless of the brand name, that cannot be overlooked in this update.

As part of the rebranding process, Haigh will be update all of their documentation and marketing materials to reflect the new name of the product, but they will continue to use the same part numbers and specifications for all spare parts. This means that customers can order spare parts using the same part numbers and specifications as before, whether they are ordering for the Quattro or the Panaway.

In addition, Haigh Engineering has established a customer service team that is available to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have regarding the rebranding process. This team will ensure that customers have access to the information they need to continue ordering and using their bedpan disposal machines with ease. Haigh’s online spares ordering portal will continue to be available and accessible under both brand names, making it easy for customers to find and order the spare parts they need.

Haigh Engineering is committed to providing its customers with the support they need to maintain and repair their bedpan disposal machines and look forward to helping customers improve their sluice rooms and associated infection prevention requirements.

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