Eliminating Outages of Chemicals and Consumables

Running a tight ship in any room used in any kind of operation is only going to boost efficiency, morale and reduce problems caused by outages – running out of vital supplies can cause a blockage in the chain and in a sluice room environment this would be disastrous. Imagine failing to ensure that vital macerator disinfectant was in stock at all times. How could you ensure the safety of staff and patients alike? No sluice room can be run safely and efficiently without the vital consumables and chemicals used to run the hospital sluice room equipment such as the hospital macerator.

Patient requirements cannot be perfectly anticipated and ensuring that bedpan washer disinfectant and macerator disinfectant as well as other consumables and chemicals are continuously in stock is vital. Expensive sluice machines are only high functioning if they are well maintained and cleaned and quality products can deteriorate quite quickly if cleaning schedules are deviated from. The provision of a high standard of sanitation relies on efficiency of inventory. How best to ensure that supplies are kept in stock and levels are monitored so that ordering is done well in advance? This is achieved by making sure that there is someone who understands the role of keeping on top of the cleaning supply inventory. This is something that needs monitoring every day or so. Any dwindling supplies noticed by any member of staff should be reported to the person in charge of ordering to avoid any possible oversight.

Stock-taking is very important in the sluice room and there should be a level (decided upon by someone responsible and experienced) below which each particular supply should never fall. That level should be well known among the team so that should it be breached it can be instantly reported.