Haigh Engineering’s latest policy with regard to risks associated with the Covid-19 virus

v1.3 July 2020

Haigh have undertaken changes to standard operating processes in order to manage the new risks associated with the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus. We have applied the government guidelines alongside additional input from stakeholders including employees and customers, and review the situation on a weekly basis as more information becomes available and the circumstances develop. If you have any additional queries or requests please email info@haigh.co.uk and we will respond to you promptly.

This is a summary of the measures in place:


On showing symptoms or having suspected exposure (Check NHS website for current information) self isolate and inform your line manager. Next steps, including calling 111 and testing are to be arranged on a case by case basis.

If you identify a potential issue that has not been specifically addressed, apply general government guidelines and raise this with your line manager for attention.

Working from home where possible

Employees are to work from home where possible, internal and third party meetings can typically be conducted via phone / video conference.


Employees who are at risk are to shield in accordance with government guidelines.

Social Distancing

2m separation to be adhered to where possible. Where it has been identified that 2m distancing is not practicable, case by case risk assessments are to be undertaken and logged, with additional risk mitigation in place.


The critical nature of proper hygiene including hand washing has been highlighted to employees and visitors. Anti-viral cleaning products and workplace cleaning processes are in place, with dedicated toilet facilities for third party visitors. High touch surfaces, shared items and associated risks have been identified.

Deliveries & Dispatch

Third party drivers for delivery or dispatch are to be advised prior to arrival and at arrival of the procedures in place to mitigate risks, including the measures noted here.

Customer Sites

Customer and site specific requirements are to be determined in advance, as well as the observation of any additional instructions or signage that is encountered on a visit. The use of PPE and other additional client site specific risk mitigation measures are to be adhered to. Vehicles are to be regularly cleaned and sanitised, particularly high touch areas.