Considering electrical device usage near water

Everyone should be aware that water and electricity do not mix, if at all in doubt the take advice from a certified electrical engineer. There can sometimes be complacency creeping in as we take the power of electricity for granted, but in a sluice room, especially, there is no room for such complacency. There are often devices located in close proximity to sinks and other water sources, so ensuring that taps are off and hands are completely dry before touching any electrical equipment is vital. This is true not only from a personal safety perspective but also as it promotes better hygiene. After washing hands they should be thoroughly dried.

The planning of a sluice room should have made allowances for best practice when it comes to electricity and water as well as clean areas being well separated from non-clean areas. But it is always good to keep staff fully trained in being safe around and when using electrical devices safely, especially near water.

If by any chance a macerator or other piece of electrical equipment in the sluice room appears to have become wet then it is imperative that it is cleaned and dried as a matter of priority, not only to avoid personal injury, but also to ensure that no contaminants spread and for the safety of the next member of staff who may enter the sluice room.

It is very important that floors are never wet while the room is in operation as this can lead to slipping and the spread of bacteria in and of itself, while also presenting a potential hazard when working around electricity.

One key consideration is that when items should never carried around the room dripping all over the place.