A Simple Step Towards your Net Zero Goals: Upgrade your Sluice Room

Remove the need for hot water or steam in your sluice room with a simple upgrade to a Haigh bedpan machine. The global commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions has led many industries, including healthcare, to search for sustainable solutions. A quick win that contributes to this as well as saving considerable annual running costs in the process, is to ensure that a site is not wasting energy by the heating and boiling of water in a site’s sluice room. Haigh Engineering’s bedpan disposers, when compared with hot water washing based alternatives, are proven to save thousands of pounds of electricity per site with the comparative CO2 savings: for a pan or pot washer being used 10 times per day, the reduction in CO2 is 1,050 kg per annum*, and with more usage or multiple dirty utility rooms across a site this saving only becomes more significant.

Alongside the financial and carbon savings, sites using Haigh’s Panaway also see the other benefits of using macerators, including all the infection control aspects of a single use system and the reduced risks of cross contamination that re-introducing washed items into an otherwise clean environment. Additional, harder to quantify, contributions towards net zero include the reduction in waste to landfill associated with any products that have to be disposed of via the clinical waste route that are better off processed in a macerator, as well as reduced.

While improving the sluice room is only a small aspect of a site’s move towards Net Zero, one of the points that makes this attractive is that upgrading bedpan machines is a well-established, simple, low risk project that has been made even more straightforward in recent years with the introduction of the plug and play Panaway DS system. Haigh’s Panaway equipment is easy to retrofit into a wide range of environments and requires minimal training for users with its simple intuitive interface. Upgrades to a site can be delivered as a one-hit roll out or incrementally over time depending on what suits a customer and the staff best.

The Haigh Engineering factory based in Herefordshire, UK, itself operates towards net zero goals, with in excess of 50% of the site’s electrical requirements now coming from solar PV on the site, and plans to increase this self-generation level over time. The products themselves are designed by the team with reliability, long lifespan and straightforward maintenance as the overall life of a product is well known factor in keeping the embodied carbon content of a product as low as possible on an annualised basis. With carbon content and actual operating costs so interlinked, this of course brings financial benefits to customers and is in no small way one of the factors that underpins the global success and continued growth of Haigh’s waste disposal product range.

To calculate your carbon and energy savings, visit: https://haighmed.com/calculator/

For more information please feel free to contact the team at info@haighmed.com or 01989 763131 Option 2

* Using established Carbon Trust calculation methodologies and typical machine parameters – contact us with your current equipment details for an assessment specific to your site