Haigh Bedpan Disposers

Quattro, Solo, Panaway and Classic+

The reliable range of bedpan macerators from Haigh

Disposing medical pulp and human waste quietly, efficiently and effectively


Reliability is everything with a pulp macerator: Quattro and Solo are built to last, with Haigh machines still in operation more than four times the 10 year design life.

Quattro is the latest in Haigh's range of highly popular, award winning, efficient, fully featured bedpan macerators. Quattro brings the latest in ergonomics and performance to the Haigh range, and has plenty of options to suit your specific requirements.

Solo takes medical pulp disposal out of the sluice-room: small, safe and quiet to give greater convenience and effectiveness for carers.

With the use of single use medical pulp items proven to significantly lower the risk of infections in a healthcare environment, we at Haigh have been at the forefront of ensuring that hospitals both in the UK and increasingly around the world can consistently and cost effectively dispose of this waste stream.


Hands-free operation and automatic starting, along with many additional innovative design considerations, the Quattro bedpan macerator disposes of up to 4 pulp products in 90 seconds, using less than half the electricity than alternatives. Solo is even faster, using 35% less water to dispose of one item at a time; secure operation also enables the disposal machine to be positioned in areas that may be accessible to patients

Panaway and Classic+ bedpan disposal machines also remain the workhorse of thousands of customers both in the United Kingdom and for customers around the world. Less sophisticated than the latest from Haigh, these machines are as dependable as ever.

quattro bedpan macerator product image

Quattro bedpan disposal machine.


At Haigh we understand that our responsibilities do not end when your product warranty expires. Our friendly team are here to help, just call or email and see how we can ensure your sluiceroom equipment is running as it should be.