Since the launch of the first Sluicemaster in 1964, Haigh have continually invested in the development, design and manufacturing capabilities to deliver the bedpan and pulp medical product disposal machines that are needed for the day in day out needs of a demanding hospital environment.

The disposable medical pulp system is a core part of the NHS infection prevention strategy when it comes to patient waste management, and is becoming more and more established around the world.

Put simply, you wouldn’t reuse gloves or masks so why would you reuse a bedpan.

Ease of use, hygiene and simple maintenance are at the heart of the design when it comes to the design of Haigh disposal machines .

The latest generation of hospital bedpan machines from Haigh lead the way in performance, flexibility and ease of use, with all of the robustness that our long-standing customers have come to trust and expect from Haigh products.

The Quattro, Solo and legacy bedpan machines such as Panaway & Classic+ are also supported by a nationwide team of engineers with planned maintenance schedules as well as responsive call-outs to minimise downtime.

Uptime in your sluice room is key to infection control

"uptime is infection control": we have developed an approach that has this at its core

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