The Haigh range of Bedpan Macerators



Simple waste disposal system

  • Quiet
  • Quality



Smaller for convenient locations

  • Speedy
  • Small


Panaway and Classic+ macerators

Proven sluiceroom workhorses

  • Performance
  • Control


Incomaster for incontinence waste

Nappies and incontinence waste

  • Economical
  • Simple

We absolutely understand that your bedpan machine must work without fail tens, if not hundreds of times per day in a busy sluice-room. All Haigh bedpan disposal machines are tested on pulp disposable items from all of the many manufacturers and types of product, from urine bottles to large wash-bowls and sample pots Haigh additionally test all machines rigorously as they leave our production line, incorporating many features specifically to reduce the risk of machine failure or blockage of your drainage system.

Quick - Quiet - Reliable

The Haigh Quattro® takes bedpan disposal to new limits with innovative design and proven reliability.

Nice to Use

  • The lowest loading height
  • The widest opening
  • High visibility foot pedal opening
  • Automatic starting
  • Fast cycle time for the ‘morning rush’
  • The quietest macerator as tested by Quietmark


  • Only particles < 5mm x 8mm can exit hopper
  • Automatic and mechanical operation
  • Ease of access on all key components


  • Easy to clean
  • Embedded antimicrobial silver ions
  • Efficient use of Energy and Water for ISO14001
  • Hopper seal contains odour and aerosols
  • End of cycle sanitization
  • Anti-legionella system
  • WRAS approved


Solo bedpan macerator

Macerator by the point of care

SOLO is a high performance macerator for that disposes of one single-use disposable pulp container in less than a minute

The Solo pulp waste disposal macerator is helping prevent cross infection in the care industry as this compact machine can be placed closer to the patient’s bathrooms and hospital isolation rooms.

More time can be spent on patient care instead of carrying human waste to a sluice room or washing out commode pots.

Unlike other pulp macerators, SOLO can dispose of macerator friendly wipes and it is compact enough to fit into the snuggest of places.

Panaway and Classic

Panaway and Classic+ macerators

Classic+ Brochure
Classic+ Brochure

Classic+ Manual
Classic+ Manual

Workhorses of your Sluiceroom

Designed to process up to four pulp products simultaneously in less than 2 minutes and utilizing only 1.5 gallons (6 litres) of cold water per item, the Haigh Classic+ and Panaway are efficient, economic, and an environmentally sustainable option to other methods. While not the latest generation bedpan disposer, these remain the reliable machine of choice for customers around the world.

  • Simple Operation – open lid, insert pulp product(s), close lid, and process starts & stops automatically.
  • Fast, Efficient, and Clean – completes cycle in under 2 minutes with an automatic rinse cycle and requiring/utilizing only cold water.
  • Bugban® - Antimicrobial built in.
  • Designed for optimum reliability but offering fast & easy access to all critical components should service be required.
  • Saves time
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination
  • Reduces cost
  • Uses less energy and water

Legacy products

Haigh Sluicemaster

Lifetime support

Haigh have been at the forefront of medical pulp disposal systems since the first units in 1964. We continue to provide support for old bedpan machines well beyond the typical 10-15 year lifespan, simply contact us with your requirements and we will do our best, although we will admit that for some of the really old machines it may well be more economical to invest in a new product.

More up to date products use a lot less electricity and water, come with our manufacturer warranty and also are easier to maintain.

We love to hear stories from our customers about products that have been providing many years of service.